Sealings Before July 1, 1844

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EditJosephSmithEditFannyAlgereternity1835Kirtland, Geauga, Ohio, USA
EditJosephSmithEditLydiaKenyoneternity1841Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)[Plural] marriage sealing to Joseph Smith, abt. 1841/1843 (Bergera, Cook).
EditJosephSmithEditLucindaPendletoneternity1841Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)abt. 1841/1842; See Brown p.282 n.267; 1846-01-22 for SMINT
EditJosephSmithEditJaneTibbetseternity1841[Plural] marriage sealing to Joseph Smith, Jr, before Smith's death, estimated abt. 1841-43 (Cook).
EditJosephSmithEditSarahRapsoneternity1841[Plural] marriage sealing to Joseph Smith, abt. 1841/1843 (Bergera, Cook).
EditJosephSmithEditLouisaBeamaneternity1841-04-05Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditJosephSmithEditZinaHuntingtoneternity1841-10-27Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditJosephSmithEditPrescindia Huntingtoneternity1841-12-11Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditJosephSmithEditHannahDuBoistime1842Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)abt. 1842/1843
EditJosephSmithEditDelcenaJohnsontime1842Cook says probably prior to July 1842
EditJosephSmithEditSarahScotttime1842Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditJosephSmithEditElizabethDavis eternity1842Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)About 1842; SMINT 1846-01-22
EditJosephSmithEditAphiaWoodmaneternity1842Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)[Plural] marriage sealing to Joseph Smith, Jr., abt. 1842/1843 (Cook).
EditReynoldsCahoonEditLucinaRoberts eternity1842Nauvoo, Hancock, IllinoisSealed to Reynolds Cahoon in 1842 probably by Joseph Smith. (Smith; Bergera).
EditHeberKimballEditSarah PerryPeakeeternity1842
EditHeberKimballEditVilateMurrayeternity1842Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)Marriage sealing to Heber Chase Kimball, fall or winter 1841-42, officiator not known (Bergera, Cook).
EditVinsonKnightEditPhilinda Eldredgetime1842Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)Plural] marriage sealing (for time?) to Vinson Knight, before 31 Jul 1842, officiator Joseph Smith (Quinn, Bergera). Question of whether this sealing was for time or eternity, given sealing to JS circa same time
EditVinsonKnightEditMarthaMcBride eternity1842Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)Prior to July 31, 1843 Vinson's death date according to Anderson/Bergera. BUT Cook does not include this sealing.
EditLyman RoyalShermanEditDelcenaJohnsoneternity1842Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)Cook says Joseph Smith was probably proxy
EditJosephSmithEditAgnesCoolbrithtime1842-01-06Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditJosephSmithEditMary Rollinseternity1842-02Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)Nauvoo Pologamy, p. 621
EditJosephSmithEditSylviaSessions eternity1842-02-08Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USASMINT 1844-09-19; SMINT 1846-01-26
EditJosephSmithEditPatty Sessionseternity1842-03-09Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditJosephSmithEditMarindaJohnsoneternity1842-04Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)April or May 1843 Second Marriage in Nauvoo Temple 1846-01-11;
EditBrighamYoungEditLucy Decker eternity1842-06-14Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditJosephSmithEditSarah Kingsley eternity1842-06-29bef. 1842-06-29; 1846-01-15
EditJosephSmithEditDesdemona Fullmereternity1842-07-12
EditJosephSmithEditMarthaMcBride eternity1842-08Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditNewelWhitneyEditElizabethSmitheternity1842-08-21Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)She was counselor in RS Presidency
EditSamuelBentEditCynthiaNobleeternity1843Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)SAL notes: "The above sealing of Cynthia Noble to S[amuel] Bent cancelled by Prest. [Wilford] Woodruff 20 Dec 1893."
EditJosephSmithEditHannah SEllstime1843[Plural] marriage for time to Joseph Smith, Jr., before Jul 1843, officiator's name not available (Cook)
EditDavidFullmerEditRhoda AnnMarvineternity1843Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)David Fullmer in Fall 1843 by Hyrum Smith (Bergera).
EditHyrumSmithEditLydiaDibbleeternity1843abt. 1843; SMINT 1846-01-30
EditJosephFieldingEditMary AnnPecketernity1843Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USAAbout 1823. [Plural] marriage to Joseph Fielding, abt. 1843 or 1845, officiator not found (Black).
EditWillardRichardsEditNancyLongstrotheternity1843-01-18Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)SMINT 1846-01-25
EditWillardRichardsEditSarahLongstrotheternity1843-01-18Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditOrsonHydeEditMartha Browetteternity1843-02Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)marriage sealing to Orson Hyde, abt. Feb/Mar 1843, probably by Joseph Smith (Bergera).
EditWilliam HuntingtonEditHarrietClarketernity1843-02-05Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)Plural marriage to William Dresser Huntington, 5 Feb 1843 probably by Joseph Smith (FS)
EditZebedeeColtrinEditMaryMotttime1843-02-05Nauvoo, Hancock, IllinoisJoseph Smith Papers: " Wife died, 1841.19 Appointed second counselor to Almon W. Babbitt in Kirtland stake, 22 May 1841.20 Married second Mary Mott, 5 Feb. 1843.21 Note Coltrin, Autobiographical Sketch, [2]; Stephens, “Zebedee Coltrin,” 10. Comprehensive Works Cited Coltrin, Zebedee. Autobiographical Sketch, 1880. Typescript. CHL. MS 2793. Stephens, Calvin Robert. “The Life and Contributions of Zebedee Coltrin.” Master’s thesis, Brigham Young University, 1974.
EditJosephSmithEditFloraWoodworthtime1843-03-04Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)prob. 1843-03-04
EditJosephSmithEditEmily Partridgeeternity1843-03-04Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)SMINT 1843-05-11/23; TMINT abt. 1844-11; FMINT 1846-01-14
EditJosephSmithEditEliza Partridgeeternity1843-03-08
EditLorenzo YoungEditHarrietWheelereternity1843-03-09Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditJosephKingsburyEditCarolineWhitneyeternity1843-03-23Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)w/o proxy according to Cook
EditJosephSmithEditAlmera Johnsontime1843-04Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USAabt. April-June 1842
EditJoseph NobleEditSarahAlleyeternity1843-04-05Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USAshe was not sealed to him in the Nauvoo temple. Not sealed to Joseph Bates Noble in the Nauvoo temple. However, when endowed, she was taken through the veil by Joseph Bates Noble (Heber C. Kimball, Diary, in Anderson/Bergera-E C).
EditWilliamClaytonEditMargaretMooneternity1843-04-27Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditJosephSmithEditPhebeWatrouseternity1843-05Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)1843-05/06; 1846-01-17 [Plural] marriage sealing to Joseph Smith, Jr., May/June 1843, officiator not available (Bergera).
EditJosephSmithEditHelenKimballeternity1843-05Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)SMINT 1846-02-04
EditJosephSmithEditSarah Lawrenceeternity1843-05-11Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)SMINT 1844-10-12; TMINT 1846-01-26
EditJosephSmithEditMariaLawrenceeternity1843-05-11Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)SMINT 1844-10-12; TMINT 1846-01-24
EditJosephSmithEditEmmaHaleeternity1843-05-28Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditJamesAdamsEditHarrietDentoneternity1843-05-28Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut, USAJoseph Smith "probably" officiated wedding
EditBrighamYoungEditMaryAngelleternity1843-05-29Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)SMNT 1846-01-07
EditBrighamYoungEditMiriamWorkseternity1843-05-29Miriam died 1832-09-08; SMNT 1846-01-07
EditHyrumSmithEditMary Fieldingeternity1843-05-29
EditHyrumSmithEditJerushaBardeneternity1843-05-29Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)Died 1837-10-13; SMNT 1846-01-15
EditWillardRichardsEditJennettaRichardseternity1843-05-29Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)Jennetta died 1845-07-09; SMINT 1846-01-22 possibly officiated by Hyrum Smith
EditRobert BlashelThompsonEditMercy Fielding eternity1843-05-29Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditJosephSmithEditOliveFrosttime1843-06Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)abt summer 1843 334. [Plural] marriage for time to Joseph Smith, Jr., abt. Summer 1843, by Hyrum Smith[?] (Bergera, Cook).
EditWillardRichardsEditSusannaLeeeternity1843-06-12Susanna Bayliss; SMINT 1846-02-06
EditParleyPrattEditMaryFrosteternity1843-06-23Marriage sealing to Parley Parker Pratt, 23 Jul 1843, by Hyrum Smith. Sealing apparently cancelled by Joseph Smith, and marriage sealing (probably) for time to Parley Parker Pratt, 24 Jun 1843 (Anderson/Bergera-AQ).
EditJosephSmithEditMaryFrosttime1843-06-24The 1843 marriage is "probably" for time (Brown p. 246 n. 275); SMINT 1846-02-06
EditJoseph NobleEditMary AnnWashburneternity1843-06-28Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)Alternate date: 8 September 1843
EditJamesAdamsEditRoxannaRepshireeternity1843-07-11Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditWilliamClaytonEditRuthMooneternity1843-07-22Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditParleyPrattEditElizabethBrothertoneternity1843-07-24Nauvoo Temple, Nauvoo, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditWilliamFelshawEditCharlotteWalterseternity1843-07-28Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditAmasaLymanEditDionetiaWalkereternity1843-07-28Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)abt. 1843; SMINT 1846-01-16
EditHyrumSmithEditCatherinePhilipseternity1843-08Red Brick Store, Nauvoo, Illinois, USA (UVA)Her mother and sister Hettie and sister-in-law Julia were witnesses. See affidavit Catherine Phillips Smith CHL MS 3423_4_10s
EditThomasGroverEditCaroline Nickersoneternity1843-08
EditThomasGroverEditCarolineWhitingeternity1843-08 "Nauvoo Polygamy," p. 593.
EditJohnPackEditJuliaIveseternity1843-08marriage sealing 12-31 Aug 1843
EditHyrumSmithEditMercy Fielding time1843-08-11Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USAalternate date 11 August 1843; odd proxy, Joseph Smith?
EditWilliamSmithEditCaroline Granteternity1843-09[Plural] marriage to William [B.] Smith, abt. Fall/Winter 1843/1844 (Bergera).
EditHyrumSmithEditLouisaSangereternity1843-09-17abt. 1843; 1846-01-27
EditJohn ButlerEditCaroline FarzineSkeeneternity1843-09-23Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)Witnesses: Charity Butler Record handed in by J.S. Butler Apr.
EditWilliamMarksEditRosannahRobinsoneternity1843-10-22Glastonbury, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
EditJohnBernhiselEditSarahCrosbyeternity1843-10-26Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)Sealed w/o proxy (Cook, 22)
EditJohnBernhiselEditMaryBloometernity1843-10-26Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)John Milton Bernhisel's deceased second cousin. Sealed w/o proxy (Cook, 22)
EditJohnBernhiselEditMagdalenaLupperdeternity1843-10-26Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)John Milton Bernhisel's deceased aunt. Sealed w/o proxy (Cook, 22)
EditJohnBernhiselEditMaryShattoeternity1843-10-26Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)John Milton Bernhisel's aunt. Sealed w/o proxy (Cook, 22)
EditJohnBernhiselEditElizabethShievleyeternity1843-10-26Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)John Milton Bernhisel's aunt. Sealed w/o proxy (Cook, 22)
EditJohnBernhiselEditMaryBernhiseleternity1843-10-26Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)John Milton Bernhisel's deceased sister. Sealed w/o proxy (Cook, 22)
EditJohnBernhiselEditCatherineKremereternity1843-10-26Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)Deceased. Sealed w/o proxy (Cook, 22)
EditJohnBernhiselEditCatherineBernhiseleternity1843-10-26Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)John Milton Bernhisel's deceased aunt.Sealed w/o proxy (Cook, 22)
EditJohnBernhiselEditHannahBowereternity1843-10-26Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)Sealed w/o proxy (Cook, 22)
EditJohnBernhiselEditMariaLawrenceeternity1843-10-26Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)Sealed w/o proxy (Cook, 22)
EditJacobPeartEditElizabethHoldeneternity1843-11Proxy marriage sealing to Jacob Peart, Sr. (d), abt. Nov 1843, by Hyrum Smith with Phebe Robson Thompson as proxy (Cook). Proxy for Nauvoo temple marriage sealing, Phebe Robson Thompson (BP, SAL, Cook).
EditJosephSmithEditFannyYoung time1843-11-02Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditBrighamYoungEditHarriett Cooketernity1843-11-02There is a typo in the Lisle Brown footnote citing Bergera and Cook. The year of first marriage sealing is given as "284." See p.351 n.73; ????-11-02. Genealogical research for "First Fifty Years" gives the sealing date as 1843: "Booth, “Harriet Elizabeth Cook Campbell Young,” 1:422. “Family Data Collection – Marriages,” database, (, accessed Jan. 2015), Harriett Elizabeth Cook and Brigham Young; citing Edmund West, comp., Family Data Collection – Marriages, Provo, UT. “U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560–1900,” database, (, accessed Jan. 2015), Harriett Elizabeth Cook and Brigham Young; citing Yates Publishing, Provo, UT"
EditBrighamYoungEditAugustaAdamseternity1843-11-02Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditWilfordWoodruffEditPhebeCartereternity1843-11-11Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)Alternate sealing date: 28 Jan 1844
EditReynoldsCahoonEditThirzaStileseternity1843-11-12Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditAlpheusCutlerEditLoisLathropeternity1843-11-15Second Marriage in Nauvoo Temple 1846-01-14
EditEzra BensonEditPameliaAndruseternity1843-11-19Nauvoo Polygamy, p. 577
EditJohnTaylorEditElizabethKaighineternity1843-12-12Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditIsaacMorleyEditLenora AbigailSnoweternity1843-12-19Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA SMINT 1846-01-14
EditEdwinWoolleyEditLouisa Gordoneternity1843-12-28Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)FS has marriage date as 28 December 1843. She leaves him in 1846 per Arrington, Leonard J. "From Quaker to Latter-day Saint: Bishop Edwin D. Woolley." (Deseret Book Co., 1976).
EditJosephSmithEditNancy Winchestereternity1844Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)by 1844; SMINT 1844-10-10; TMINT 1846-02-03
EditJosephSmithEditMaryHustoneternity1844Nauvoo Temple, Nauvoo, Illinois, USA (UVA)by 1844; SMINT 1846-02-03 Cook notes: “Mary Huston was very likely sealed for time and eternity to Joseph Smith Jr. during his life time (1842-1843).”
EditJoseph CoolidgeEditMary AnnBuchananeternity1844Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)[Plural] marriage sealing to Joseph Wellington Coolidge, before 27 June 1844, officiator not known (Bergera).
EditHeberKimballEditLydiaKenyontime1844Simeon Carter was living when Lydia was sealed to Kimball. Lydia was endowed with Carter, but they were never sealed. Carter would go on to be sealed to two other women.
EditHowardEganEditCatherineReeseeternity1844Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, United States. She was probably sealed to Howard Egan abt. 1844 by Hyrum Smith (Bergera), but was not sealed to Egan in the Nauvoo temple.
EditJoseph KeltingEditLucyJohnsoneternity1844Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditJoseph KeltingEditElizabeth AnnMartineternity1844Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)Bergera, "Earliest Mormon Polygamists" at 12: Kelting's use of "a short time" in the first affidavit suggests that he married polygamously prior to Smith's death. As Kelting received both his wife, Elizabeth, and Minerva O. Woods through the veil in the Nauvoo Temple when all three received their endowments on December 24, 1845, and all were sealed less than a month later on January 20, 1846, I speculate that Kelting may have married Woods sometime before the end of June 1844.
EditJoseph KeltingEditMinerva Woodeternity1844Bergera, "Earliest Mormon Polygamists" at 12: Kelting's use of "a short time" in the first affidavit suggests that he married polygamously prior to Smith's death. As Kelting received both his wife, Elizabeth, and Minerva O. Woods through the veil in the Nauvoo Temple when all three received their endowments on December 24, 1845, and all were sealed less than a month later on January 20, 1846, I speculate that Kelting may have married Woods sometime before the end of June 1844.
EditJohnTaylorEditAnnaBallantyneeternity1844Church Divorce 1852-11-09; sealed about 1844
EditJohnPageEditMaryJuddeternity1844Sealing before 27 June 1844 ("Nauvoo Polygamy," p. 611) Under John Edward Page's entry: "“May have been sealed to his first wife [Mary Judd] and/or to plural wives [Nancy Bliss] before 27 June 1844”)." Anderson/Begera-AQ
EditJohnPageEditNancyBlisseternity1844EMR: Marriage before 27 Jun 1844, separated in 1845, from Brown.
EditClark SirenusFabusEditAvis AnnHakeseternity1844-01-14, Hancock, Illinois, USA
EditIsaacMorleyEditHannah Fincheternity1844-01-16Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USAHannah Blakesley Finch; SMINT 1846-01-14
EditGeorgeSmithEditBathshebaBiglereternity1844-01-20Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)SMINT 1846-01-13
EditCharlesDrownEditSarah RansomTarbelleternity1844-01-22
EditJohnTaylorEditLeonoraCannoneternity1844-01-30Nauvoo Temple, Nauvoo, Illinois, USA (UVA)SMNT 1846-01-13
EditJosephSmithEditRuth Vosetime1844-02abt. 1844-02
EditWilliamPhelpsEditSallyWatermaneternity1844-02-02SMINT 1846-01-15
EditJohnTaylorEditAnnVowleseternity1844-02-03Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA"Nauvoo Polygamy," p. 627. The footnote stated that "the marriage ceremony was performed by Hyrum Smith (Lyndon W. Cook, Nauvoo Deaths and Marriages: 1839-1845, 1994, 109)
EditErastus SnowEditArtimesiaBemaneternity1844-02-15Nauvoo Temple, Nauvoo, Illinois, USA (UVA)"Nauvoo Polygamy," p. 624
EditIsaacMorleyEditLucyGunneternity1844-02-26Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditTheodoreTurleyEditMaryClifteternity1844-03Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)Per Geo. D. Smith, "Nauvoo Polygamy," at 629 and note 427
EditTheodoreTurleyEditElizaClifteternity1844-03-06Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)Per Geo. D. Smith, "Nauvoo Polygamy," at 629 and note 428
EditErastus SnowEditMinervaWhiteeternity1844-04-02Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
EditJohn LeeEditLouisaFreeeternity1844-04-19Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditJohn LeeEditAbigailShaffertime1844-04-19
EditJohn LeeEditRachel Woolseyeternity1844-04-19Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)
EditTheodoreTurleyEditSarah Clifteternity1844-04-26Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)Per Geo. D. Smith, "Nauvoo Polygamy," at 627 and note 429
EditEzra BensonEditAdeline Andruseternity1844-04-27Nauvoo Temple, Nauvoo, Illinois, USA (UVA)Nauvoo Polygamy, p. 577
EditBrighamYoungEditClarissa ClaraDeckereternity1844-05-08Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USAClarissa Clara Decker; SMNT 1846-01-26 The book, "Nauvoo Pologamy" has a sealing date of 8 May 1844 (p.635)
EditJohnHewardEditElizabethTerrytime1844-05-20Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USASecond and Sealed Marriage to Ann Jane Lupton (1850–1925) on 25 July 1879 in the Endowment House
EditJoseph CoolidgeEditElizabethBuchananeternity1844-06-27Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA (UVA)Coolidge before 27 Jun 1844 probably by Joseph Smith (Bergera).
EditLymanWightEditJaneBallantyneeternity1844-06-27by 1844-06-27
EditLymanWightEditMaryHawleyeternity1844-06-27by 1844-06-27
EditLymanWightEditMary AnnHobarteternity1844-06-27by 1844-06-27